Suburban Telegram #5 | The Inquisitive Will Talk

Dear World.

This is a quick one.

I had an experience yesterday that reminded me how tactless and inquisitive people are and can be. In Jamaican lingo, we say “people faas”.

The very same ‘faas people’ will hear a conversation you’re engaged in and make non-empirical deductions about your life.

You know:

The less they know, the more interesting your life is and the more people make up about you.

They’d like to know but because they don’t, the first thoughts that come up just seem true enough for them.

Yesterday, a male heard a conversation I was in and the words, “Hey, Candice. How far you reach? How far along are you and how’s it going?” came up.

This faas person then blurts out, “Candice, you pregnant?!”.

Let me just say that if looks could kill…you know the rest.

I schooled him on tact. I coupled that with a dignified drape up and a proper scolding.

The nerve!

That experience revealed plenty about the inquisitive. Like, what does he say about me to others? You know? What do they talk about? What non-empirical study has been done to decipher my life?

I am genuinely curious. Because, if I’m pregnant, I wanna hear the full story. Sounds like it’ll make a good television series.

I probably won’t know and that’s alright cause I’m good leading a life that isn’t open to everyone.

The Lesson

As long as people don’t know, they’ll make up stories, speculate, and express their right to be tactless.

Nevermind all of that.

Live your life and take opportunities to school the tactless when they pass their place with you.

Signed with love,


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    Ppl need to always be included and being inquisitive runs in the vein of fear of missing out

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