Suburban Telegram #5 | The Inquisitive Will Talk

As long as people don’t know, they’ll make up stories, speculate, and express their right to be tactless.

Love Letter #41 | Exfoliate!

No, this isn’t some miracle revelation about flawless skin. Like, I still have an uneven skin tone, I still have some pimples and I still have hyper-pigmentation. However, your girl has seen improvement within the short time of exfoliation. Now I know, some habits take a while to develop. For me it just so happened that using a brush, a facial scrub, a body scrub,a pumice stone or a loofah takes some getting used to. The point is, I’m trying dammit!

Love Letter #40 | Wear ☀ screen

The truth is ,we can’t avoid the sun and we can’t avoid stressors or negative energies that life has to offer. We may be able to reduce them by using avoidance tactics. But, we cannot eliminate them all together. The next best thing is to fortify and protect our skin and our lives. Seek out means and ways that we can use to reduce the effects of what we get exposed to and repeat daily. If we do it well enough, a once a day application is all we need. If we do it well enough then our lives in the ☀ and will be more bearable and we’ll be able to lead normal enough lives without having to endure being burnt.

Love Letter #37 | Life lessons 

The ambitions of some people trumps morality and righteousness. 

This is a hard pill to swallow but at the end of the day, we have to swallow it. It’s either that or we suffer from the deep seated fever of knowing right and expecting that everyone will do right. 

Love letter #34 | The unlikliest of friends.

“Forming a friendship isn’t so much about the external as it is about soul filled internal.” – Candice Stewart Dear, World. I tend to view sights and situations from a perspective that most of your native adults wouldn’t even dare to explore. I believe the reason for that is due to the ‘adult’ that they…

Love letter #32 | My very own Cabbie Chronicles

Dear World. A few weeks ago I entered the public passenger vehicle being driven by one of your native cab drivers aka taxi man. That particular day found me feeling wonderful enough to the point where I thought that I would have been friendly to the rudest of the rude. I was however in for…