Love letter #47 | “Bad lucked”

We invest in the lives of others and we welcome them into ours – so much so that the relationship doesn’t blossom with symbiosis (which is often evenly yoked.)
You’ll find that you’re pouring continuously from your cup without refill and then realise (when it’s too late) that you’re on E.
We become blinded by people’s and/or a relationship’s potential and what they could be or should be so we stay with that idea of the person or the relationship.

Love Letter #46 | Colour

I am not my label, i’m so much more.
With new found thinking, it’s become easier to break the box. With each step, colour seeps in.

Love Letter #45 | Gasping for air

If you find that you have wilted or that you’re wilting and the drive or means is not there, find your doctor and let them know what’s going on.

Love Letter #44| Water and Sun

Treat yourself as a blooming flowering plant. Water yourself, nourish yourself. Give yourself light. Watch yourself grow. Blossom. Prune. Watch for weeds. Top soil only.

Love Letter #43 | Moving forward

As I see it, the experience of death stays. Even as I go through the stages of grief, I take my dead loved ones (guardian angels) with me in my going and coming.

Love Letter #42 | Hang them out to dry!

After being man handled, wrangled and crumpled, I’ll have to regain my strength. I’ll build my capacity to ride the flow of the wind at any strength. I’ll endure the heat as I bask in the sun. In the end, i’ll be fit to handle other rounds in the struggles life throw my way. I’ll be clean and refreshed.

Love Letter #41 | Exfoliate!

No, this isn’t some miracle revelation about flawless skin. Like, I still have an uneven skin tone, I still have some pimples and I still have hyper-pigmentation. However, your girl has seen improvement within the short time of exfoliation. Now I know, some habits take a while to develop. For me it just so happened that using a brush, a facial scrub, a body scrub,a pumice stone or a loofah takes some getting used to. The point is, I’m trying dammit!

Love Letter #40 | Wear ☀ screen

The truth is ,we can’t avoid the sun and we can’t avoid stressors or negative energies that life has to offer. We may be able to reduce them by using avoidance tactics. But, we cannot eliminate them all together. The next best thing is to fortify and protect our skin and our lives. Seek out means and ways that we can use to reduce the effects of what we get exposed to and repeat daily. If we do it well enough, a once a day application is all we need. If we do it well enough then our lives in the ☀ and will be more bearable and we’ll be able to lead normal enough lives without having to endure being burnt.

The Night Baker | Repurposing 

No matter how rough your situations may appear to be, never forget that the option is there to purposely repurpose your life; Repurpose and improve who you are, Repurpose the situations when that power presents itself. 

The Night Baker | No need to bake

Life is not as complicated as we make it out to be. There will be times when the answers to our problems are already manufactured; no need to dive into elaborate planning and execution. No need to reinvent the wheel. The answer already exists, no need to create it. 

The Night Baker | Baking Easy

The key to ensuring that the end product is top notch has very little to do with where you start or what you use. How you use what you have to attain the end product is the most important factor. 

The Night Baker | Cleaning the oven 

Self care is important. You have to schedule regular clean-ups in your life. With grime and baked in spills,  you’ll still function. However, you’ll never function optimally if you do not clean regularly. Once you start cleaning, you’ll discover other areas in your life that require cleaning. It might get a little messy and that is alright; that’s part of the process. 

The Night Baker | Daytime Baking 

Never be afraid to try new things in your seemingly tried and tested solid plan of execution. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Like baking, life is not a science. As such, nothing is hard and fast. Do not look at the process as being a potential win or fail. You have to trust the process and allow yourself to experience the “new and unheard of”. This is the only way you’ll grow. Being imaginative and open minded will lead you open up doors and windows for greatness.

The Night Baker | Night 1 

I find that mixing a batter, placing it in the oven and receiving the grandest of masterpieces late at night, not only provides therapy; it teaches me lessons of life.