Guest Blog Post | Emotionally Immature Parents: Lets Talk About it

Seeing our parents as flawed is often a challenging concept to grasp.

Love Letter #68 |Blackness

Our blackness goes way beyond our ancestors being enslaved. It goes way beyond the enslaved mentality. It goes way beyond our complexion. It is about honouring the past of hurt but it is also about embracing the talent, the artistry, the brilliance and the overall beauty of people who are black.

We are Queens and we are Kings and we are beautiful.

We must teach our children about more than just a laundry list of iconic black people. We owe it to them.

Love Letter 63 | Raking Leaves in Wind

No matter how fool-proof your technique is, the wind can sway your efforts. It’s a matter of how you make your technique work for you despite the environment.

Love letter # 24 | Sunday Dinner cooking in Suburbia

Everybody! That’s who… Dear World, For as long as I can remember cooking dinner in the Stewart house, in all our Suburban awesomeness, means that at some point or the other everyone in the family lends a hand in completing an aspect of the meal. I’m talking about the drinks, the raw vegies, the steamed…