Love Letter #66 |Use Your Soapbox and Speak Into the Microphone!

We operate from a place of fear and the second we witness a situation that warrants our voices be heard, we watch but we don’t see – we hear but we don’t listen – we say we’ll fight against wrong doings but our actions demonstrate otherwise.


Despite your size, age, gender – never think that your voice doesn’t have power. You are powerful and so is your voice.

Suburban Telegram #1 | Pain

Pain, in its many forms, is inevitable.
What we do with the experience of pain will determine how we move forward.

Love letter # 26 | Nicardo Vincent

Give because you can and not because you expect anything in return. Dear World, This post sees me putting our differences aside. All the issues that I have with you and your people are almost forgotten as I write to you for help. Yes, World, Candice K is asking for your help. Please take a…